• How 18,000 Fake Pharmacies Get Traffic

    Pharmaceutical companies spend $19 billion a year on advertising, according to this wikipedia article on the pharma industry. That creates a lot of brand awareness in the minds of consumers who are convinced they are depressed, anxious, or maybe need to get it up more often. So if you’re a budding illegal online pharmacy,...

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  • Clueless Affiliate Managers Bleeding Profits to Typo Domainers

    Just how easy is it for typo domainers to prey on your affiliate program? Well, if your affiliate manager knows what he’s doing and has tools to monitor their domain for typo squatters, then it shouldn’t be that easy. But here’s the problem – most companies have NO CLUE that this is even going on....

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  • Chinese Affiliate Caught Cheating on Ashley Madison with Naked Link

    Dating is a tricky business. Especially when you want to have an affair. One dating site that suggests you have an affair is Ashley Madison. But unfortunately for Ashley, she’s getting cheated on herself… by some of her affiliates. You see, we’ve detected over 245 typo domains of AshleyMadison.com –...

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