• How DinoDirect Uses Typo Assassin to Protect Its Brand

    A few months ago, Mike Wen, the affiliate manager of DinoDirect, noticed some typos of dinodirect.com registered against their brand. Read on to discover what he did. As one of the world’s leading cross-border online store with millions of active customers from more than 200 countries, the DinoDirect brand is rapidly...

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  • Typosquatters still Plague Twitter and Wikipedia

    Early 2012 Mashable came out with an article about two typosquatted sites (wikapedia and twtter) that where shut down by Wikipedia and Twitter. Typosquatters still plague Twitter and Wikipedia and will continue to target big online brands until more action is taken to stop them for good. The typosquatters (wikapedia and...

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  • Crimes Related to Typosquatting to Increase Dramatically

    The new roll out of gTLDs (General Top Level Domains) is only a few weeks away and this will cause crimes related to typosquatting to increase dramatically. What are gTLDs? If you’re not familiar with the new gTLDs that will be released soon, last year, ICANN accepted 1,917 applications from companies, individuals and...

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  • Joel Osteen Hoax Involved Cypersquatting

    You may have heard that Joel Osteen had his reputation put to the test with an elaborate hoax that was intended to discredit the religious leader. Joel Osteen Hoax Involved Cypersquatting and should have been avoided The hoax started with fake websites, articles and social media posts that included statements that Joel...

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  • typo domainers rob merchants

    Ashley Madison Affiliate Scam

    When you see a post like this, it makes you wonder who the scam is about? Are other affiliates somehow getting scammed by other affiliates or by Ashley Madison themselves? Or is Ashley Madison scamming its own affiliates? Or is there some weird third party trying to lure in unsuspecting affiliates of Ashley Madison? Well...

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  • Inside Look at Typo Assassin

    Are typosquatters destroying your brand? Then take an inside look at Typo Assassin and how it can easily save you time, money and the stress of having to find affiliate typo squatting your domains. In the video you will see how easy it is to: Search top level domains for typos of your brand –

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