• Typo Domain Shenanigans

    Forbes Magazine Reveals Affiliate Fraud

    A recent article by Forbes Magazine highlights the fraud that goes on in affiliate programs – particularly with cookie-stuffing adware that millions of computers are infected with. The clueless computer owner often installs these browser and search toolbar plugins for some benefit such as “smileys” or...

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  • Google profiting from Typosquatters

    Google learns the hard way that typosquatting is illegal. Google isn’t directly profiting by purchasing typo domains and generating revenue from ads on those sites. However they are allowing typo domains to run Google ads so they are definitely profiting from typo domains that are stealing traffic from popular brands...

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  • Rosalind Gardner Peter Koning Affiliate Summit

    Affiliate Marketing Queen Realizes Threat of Typo Domains

    It’s interesting how people change their mind about typo domaining, once they actually start to think about it. I recently met personally with Rosalind Gardner, the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, and at first she had a certain opinion about typo domain affiliates – and it was a commonly held belief....

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