Introduction to Typo Assassin

Typo Assassin is a web service that lets online business owners with affiliate programs sleep easy at night, knowing their profits are protected from typo domain thieves. If you are worried about how typo domainers could be costing you and your brand, try out our typo assassin search engine and put an end to ILLEGAL typo domain affiliate commission theft today.

What it Does

Typo Assassin is a custom search engine that hunts down and identifies existing domains that are typo/miss-spellings of your domain, product, names of people related to your brand/company, or anything else that people might type into the address bar to find your product.

And it’s a lot of traffic: Up to 60% of a brand’s traffic is a result of direct navigation or “type in” traffic so typos of your brand can add up to a lot of intercepted clicks. Some of these domains are harmless (e.g. foreign company with similar domain but unrelated to your business) but most are registered by someone trying to leech traffic and possibly commissions from you. This isn’t just some inconvenience, it’s an illegal act (yes there’s a law against it) and it’s easy to stop the commissions from leaking and keep your profits for yourself… if you know who’s doing it.

2 Minute Video Explanation

What You Get

Typo Assassin makes it easy for you to spot the various types of typo domain thieves. You see a screenshot of the website that the link redirects to – if it looks like your site, it most likely is and is a result of an affiliate link – that’s money that should be in your account but you’re paying “commissions” instead. Using our link tracer, you can then home in on the big offenders who you are paying every month. Then simply stop paying them (unless you are OK with this type of theft).


aweber scan snippet

Example of output report from Typo Assassin, after a scan of (as of February 27, 2013).

aweber scan snippet

Example of output report from Typo Assassin, after a scan of (as of February 27, 2013).

Real typo domain affiliate link (as of Oct 29, 2012). There’s lots of them…

Real typo domain affiliate link (as of Oct 29, 2012). There’s lots of them…


Typo Domain Scan


Comprehensive Typo Domain Scan – Powerful scenarios including “phonetic typos” show you who’s stealing commissions, so you can recover your profits.

Email Alerts

Stay Informed

Alert by Email – Like an Anti-virus for your domain, we alert you when a new typo has been registered, so you can stop the cheater before any commissions are paid out.

Top TLD’s


Top TLD’s Supported – See how many typo domains are out there for the additional Top Level Domains .biz, .org, .net, .info.

Search History + Notes


Search History – We keep a log of all your searches, so you can go back and repeat them easily. Keep notes on each domain and color code them the way you want.

Link Tracing

Affiliate Detection

Link Tracing – Powerful link tracing and affiliate link detection for each domain, so you can confirm who these bad affiliates are.

WhoIs Report

Domain Information

WhoIs Report – With the click of a link, get the Whois information in real time, for each domain.


Spot Affiliates

Screenshots – We show you the screenshot of each domain, so you can easily spot the ones that redirect back to your main domain and are therefore likely typo domain affiliates (vs domain ppc landing pages).

Support System

Live Chat

Support System – Trouble ticket, Knowledge base, and Live Chat support available to all customers.

Legal Templates

Cease and Disist

Cease and Desist Templates – Want to send a nasty Cease and Desist email to a typo domain owner? We have a template inside our knowledgebase that you can use, for free.

For more details on our solution, and how it can help you,
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The Team

Peter Koning

Peter Koning

Peter is a Canadian affiliate marketing platform expert and experienced internet marketer, who has been earning a full time income online for over 7 years. He focuses on lead generation, domaining, information product creation, and marketing of ecommerce tools. Peter is a member of the Performance Marketing Association. pma-associate-member-126x130

Jason Stanley

Jason Stanley

Jason is an experienced programmer and internet marketer from the USA. He has experience with several large affiliate networks and email marketing systems supporting over 2M subscribers.