It’s interesting how people change their mind about typo domaining, once they actually start to think about it.

I recently met personally with Rosalind Gardner, the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, and at first she had a certain opinion about typo domain affiliates – and it was a commonly held belief.

But after a beer, and a long discussion by the pool, she completely changed her view, and the final result was quite dramatic. I’ll let you read on from here via her recent post on her blog at NetProfitsToday. And if you sign up to Typo Assassin through the link on her site, that’s ok with us 🙂

As I mentioned, at first Rosalind thought about dealing with typo scammers a certain way, and to us it was quite blase. But then she said this:

“But if you are a merchant who sells their products through an affiliate program, and you catch some of these affiliate typo domainers, do you really want to go down this messy legal route? Peter explained that there is an easier …”

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