Here’s a case study from the *cough cough* adult entertainment niche.

Warning the image below is NSFW – Not Safe For Work.










Here is the complete output from our scan of, using TypoAssassin, on August 21, 2013: typo report

You can trace these domains for yourself, but it’s pretty clear that at least one of their affiliates is stealing from them e.g. this domain we found and traced using our “Follow Link” feature: scammer

See how it redirects? It goes through their big swinging affiliate link.

So how does this affiliate make money? It’s pretty easy – they prey on people who hit a wrong key or miss a key. In this case it’s people who maybe don’t know much about the site e.g. they possibly heard of “Amateur Match” so they type in “” into their address bar… and bingo the visitor ends up on the site.

So who is happy about all this bs?

The horny visitor is happy – they got to where they wanted to go.

The skanky affiliate is very happy – they have a high converting brand-searching visitor who might sign up and the affiliate earns $100 for a paid signup and $7 for a free signup. Also, this is a 3 way oops I mean 3 tier affiliate program so anyone that becomes an affiliate below then AND even below THEM, pays off for the typo domainer. 70% Rev share!

Holy crap check out the payouts:

Dating Gold's Juicy Affiliate program - they go 3 way!

Is the affiliate manager of happy? Probably – they almost always make a commission override (usually but I haven’t verified this) so in our research we’ve found that most affiliate managers look the other way regarding this fraud. This is the sad truth and something that many affiliate managers will happily show sales-focused bosses but hide from profit-focused bosses.

So do you think’s clever business owner is happy? Probably falsely happy because they have no fricking clue that this is going on, and they might even think “Golly look we got us a smart affiliate sending us more customers!”.

The sad truth is that is paying out out needless commissions to these scammers who are adding 0 value.

All those people who key in the site wrong and end up arriving on the site through a typo affiliate link, WOULD HAVE RETYPED THE CORRECT DOMAIN ANYWAY! In other words, if those typo domains didn’t exist, the company wouldn’t have to pay out commissions BUT would still get the customers!

With Typo Assassin, they could find these typo domain affiliates and cut off their balls commissions.

No legal BS necessary.

Also, with Typo Assassin they could be alerted the next time some “smart” affiliate tries the same trick with a newly registered typo domain of

– End of Case Study –

So don’t be an amateur.

Get a free trial of TypoAssassin and cover up these leaks today, and make more money.