Do Dating Affiliates Cheat?

According to Juniper Research, the online dating industry will be worth almost $1.4 billion by 2013. So it’s only natural that in such a lucrative niche, there will be affiliates cheating on their partners… and I mean the merchant partner.

One of the top online dating sites is, which according to a recent press release gets “over 150 million online visitors yearly and over 2.5 million letters exchanged onsite daily.”

Now they also have a hot affiliate program, which claims to have over 50,000 partners driving traffic and conversions to their different brands, including and others.

Commissions can be as high as $250 for the first order, so it’s only natural that some affiliates will try to cheat on their partner and cut some corners. One way to do this is with typo domains: i.e. sign up as an affiliate, buy a $9 domain that gets miss-keyed traffic, redirect it to through the affiliate link, and sit back and cash the checks.

This type of traffic is HIGHLY converting, since people are actively searching out the brand that has worked so hard to build. so the traffic isn’t extra traffic for the merchant – it’s traffic they would have received anyway … and now they are paying for it with money that would otherwise be their profits.

Typos are Profitable

When writing this post, I must have typed in incorrectly at least 4 times, so imagine how many people are typing it wrong into their address bar on the browser. Scary to think they are probably losing thousands of dollars per day to these scammy affiliates.

And as the web moves to mobile devices with tiny keyboards, typos are only going to get more frequent. That’s great for these typo domain affiliates as they will see even more commissions coming in.

While the company claims to be have an anti-scam policy it’s really only intended to protect the customers from scammy dating agency schemes. We hope this company can soon put an end to this – but the problem is that even though typo domaining by affiliates is illegal, these domains are costly to retrieve and new typo domain affiliates pop up all the time, as typo domaining is explained further here.

If I was an affiliate of I would be pretty upset this is going on, knowing that my commissions could maybe be even higher if they didn’t make such a loss on the theft.

Caught on Video

Sorry there’s no porn here, but the video below is still pretty scandalous.

Here’s a brief video showing one typo domain affiliate we found.. but there’s many more lurking out there, and most dating sites have this costly issue with their loving “partners”.