When you see a post like this, it makes you wonder who the scam is about?

Are other affiliates somehow getting scammed by other affiliates or by Ashley Madison themselves? Or is Ashley Madison scamming its own affiliates? Or is there some weird third party trying to lure in unsuspecting affiliates of Ashley Madison?

Well in this case we have discovered affiliates of Ashley Madison who are scamming the company – by using typo domains to skim traffic from unsuspecting innocent customers that are trying to typo in the Ashley Madison brand into their address bar in their browser.

What these typo domain affiliates do, is they sign up as affiliates of the merchant. Then they buy typo domains and using a special technique they make commissions off the back of the brand’s affiliate program.

We’ve discovered Chinese affiliates doing this scam technique to rob merchants in 100’s of affiliate programs.

How can you stop these affiliate from robbing you? It’s actually pretty easy – all you need to do is monitor your domains for typo domain affiliates and simply stop paying these affiliates when you catch them.