• bitcoin typos

    Bitcoin Typo Domains Explode

    If you haven’t heard about Bitcoins yet you will soon enough. This new digital currency is taking off as the US government looks at it more closely while Chinese investors go gaga over it. Just look at the Alexa ranking for bitcoin.com – it has grown in traffic so much in the last period that

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  • sexy domain busted out

    Forget Sex and .xxx – The Threat is Much Worse Today

    It’s scary how Stephen Logan wrote about the cybersquatting threat over 2 years before it really began. In this article he discusses the sexy .xxx top level domain, well before the current attack of over 500 new gtld’s that we are about to see in 2013 and 2014. So forget about the sex (.xxx) for

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  • gtld typo domain threat get jiggy with it

    Top Media Company Issues Cybersquatter Threat Warning re New GTld Onslaught

    Thomson Reuters issued a dire warning re GTLD’s and Threat of Cybersquatters. The 60,000 employee company is warning brand owners to start monitoring their brands now, before the impact of all the new GTLD’s is upon us. The Internet namespace is about to increase and the opportunity for squatting on brand names...

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  • nasa or nsa hacked

    Hackers Can’t Spell – Just ask the NSA or was it NASA?

    Even hackers make typo mistakes, as Slate Magazine discusses the recent hacking of the NASA website. Did they type “NASA” when really intending to type “NSA”? This is a scary proposition as hackers could make even more serious errors such as typing an extra “0” when transferring money...

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  • Truth in Domain Names Act Jails Domainer

    Here’s an interesting article from Wikipedia – did you know that there’s another law in addition to the well known Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act?  It’s called the Truth in Domain Names Act and a domain “investor” has gone to jail for what he did with typo domain names....

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  • evil typo domain devil affiliate

    Why Typo Domains Aren’t Dangerous – Except to the Merchant

    If you think that typo domains are associated with malware or phishing schemes, think again. According to Jonathan Spring, it’s more profitable to make money with typo domains instead of tricking or infecting visitors. My hypothesis for the real reason is that the typo domains are not worth compromising, while compromise...

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  • typo domainers rob merchants

    OptimizePress and James Dyson Scammed by Typo Domain Affiliates

    A well known internet marketer with a great product is starting a big launch – sound familiar? Well it happens all the time and many of these marketers have $million paydays with their launches. Often it’s due to their JV/Affiliate program where they have affiliates that drive them a lot of their traffic…...

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  • john chow should pray for the ending of typo domainers

    How John Chow is Losing Money Online

    John Chow is know as one of the top “make money online” bloggers, who used to get links to his site by having contests and prizes. Now John has moved to the next level of internet marketing – from blogger/affiliate to celebrity IM guru with his own products. With all this notoriety, John has also

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  • Typo Domain Shenanigans

    Bad News About Your Brand (+Survey)

    If you don’t own or plan to ever own a domain, product, company, or anything else that you could say is a brand, then this article isn’t for you. Otherwise, read on as there’s some seriously sneaky shenanigans going on related to your brand’s traffic, and it’s just getting worse. And I have...

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  • typo domainers care

    How Valuable is ObamaCare.com?

    The domain Obamacare.com clearly has value from all the type-in traffic that it’s getting, as mentioned in this excellent article by Sean Sullivan (guest post on thedomains.com blog). We agree – just look at the typo domains. Already 39 are registered against this domain, including our favourite: obamascare.com...

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