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    Make Money Catching Typo Domainers

    Our new TypoAssassin affiliate program has launched. Now you can make money by helping smart brand owners catch typo domainers, by referring them to TypoAssassin. Our stick rate is awesome (watch the video) and our new “dynamic” sales page is better than ever. Sign up today and join our growing affiliate team.

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  • 42 Ways Typo Domainers Steal from This Porn Site’s Affiliate Program (NSFW)

    We just did some *cough cough* hard research in the porn niche and after only just 28 seconds we found a sexy site with an affiliate program i.e. “Webmasters Make Money”. This site is ranked on Alexa at 16,726, which is a ton of traffic. The sad fact is that they are getting scammed by

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  • Prevent Online Fraud with Affiliate Program Fraud Detection

    Do You Really Want Fraud in Your Affiliate Program? Online fraud is described as any online activity that intends to deceive a user resulting in financial or personal gain. It is downright abusive as well as unethical behavior and for any website or blog owner, affiliate fraud can cost massive complications and even cost...

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    14 Affiliate Program Fraud Detection Tools… and more

    A recent post re affiliate fraud detection in the CPA space by Murray Newlands on his new site (great site btw!) spurred us on to write this post, as it seems there isn’t a good central resource listing all the fraud tools out there. Affiliate fraud is big business – so preventing affiliate fraud is

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    Typo squatters lose $2.8 million due to Facebook lawsuit

    Planning to typosquat on a brand’s domains? Think again. As brands increase their awareness of the value of their domain, and how to protect it, we are seeing more and more lawsuits being won by the brand owners. In this case brought on by Facebook, the social network was awarded $2.8 million in damages. A

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  • How DinoDirect Uses Typo Assassin to Protect Its Brand

    A few months ago, Mike Wen, the affiliate manager of DinoDirect, noticed some typos of dinodirect.com registered against their brand. Read on to discover what he did. As one of the world’s leading cross-border online store with millions of active customers from more than 200 countries, the DinoDirect brand is rapidly...

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    Ashley Madison Affiliate Scam

    When you see a post like this, it makes you wonder who the scam is about? Are other affiliates somehow getting scammed by other affiliates or by Ashley Madison themselves? Or is Ashley Madison scamming its own affiliates? Or is there some weird third party trying to lure in unsuspecting affiliates of Ashley Madison? Well...

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  • Orbitz’ Bad Domain Trip – Citizenhawk UDRP Fail

    Brands that have affiliate programs are huge targets for typo domain affiliate thieves. One of these brands is the travel site Orbitz.com… but read on to discover how the Citizenhawk UDRP process failed them. It appears that to prevent theft of commissions due to typo domain traffic skimming, they have hired a company,...

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    Powerful New Notes Feature

    We just added a cool new feature to Typo Assassin – and it’s included in every account at no extra charge: Our Domain Note Feature. We recognize that not all typo domains are to be treated the same. There are different categories of typo domains such as: International or Similar but non-competing Variations...

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  • How to get a free Typo Assassin account (limited)

    Want a free Typo Assassin account for life? Here’s the deal – we’re looking for customers who want to help us spread the word about Typo Assassin. So to get a free account (worth $7/month), we have a special limited time promotion offer. All you need to do is this: Read all the items below

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