• Are there Hosting Companies Without Typo Domain Affiliates?

    As we posted recently, the hosting industry is a victim of typo domain affiliates – mainly due to the high traffic and high paying commissions that this industry provides. We’d like to reward hosting companies that recognize this problem AND are doing something about it. So we’re going to list hosting...

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  • soonersports.com typo squatters

    Sooner Cybersquatter Sued While U of Oklahoma Under Typo Attack

    As reported on Domains.com news and NewsOk.com, the University of Oklahoma is suing a man who owns soonernetwork.com. According to the reports, the University is suing not only for the rights to the domain name but also for $100k in damages. We ran a scan on soonernetwork.com and there didn’t appear to be any relevant...

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  • loveme dating site with affiliate typo domainers leeching commissions from them

    Valentine’s Day Typo Domain Affiliate Hunting: LoveMe.com

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day so we’re off looking for some typo domain affiliate love. Let’s check out LoveMe.com – a dating site with an affiliate program that pays 30%. Watch the video and see how fast we catch a typo domain affiliate red-handed: If you’re a dating affiliate doesn’t...

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  • Exposed: Super Bowl Ad Profitable for Calvin Klein Knockoff

    Did you see the hot Calvin Klein ad during the Superbowl? Well the web traffic would have been pretty juicy for some of the typo domainers profiting from all that hot traffic. More about that in a minute. First, here’s the video:   Ok now that the video is out of the way, let’s look

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  • Is the Hosting Industry Infested with Typo Domain Affiliates?

    Hosting affiliate programs are pretty sweet as they tend to convert well, once someone has decided on the hosting they want, and the payouts can be significant. In addition, due to the commodity aspect of the industry, most hosting companies can be desperate for new clients so they are happy when one signs up… no...

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  • Lance Was Cheated On… And Still Is

    He finally admitted it. Lance Armstrong finally confessed that he cheated. Well here’s a news flash for Lance – you’ve been cheated on. And it’s still going on today. That’s right Lance, your Livestrong Fitness affiliate program here, which is running on 5 different networks is getting cheated...

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  • nike or haik or naik?

    Moving To a New Brand? Check the Neighbourhood first!

    If you’re starting a brand, check around the “sidestreets” of the domain first. Today I read a great post by domain expert Morgan Linton, where he talked about selecting a brand name and how the domain name availability is critical to this process. In the post, he points out that with the .com space so...

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  • Affiliate Summit 2013 Typo Assassin Promotion – Tweet to Win!

    To celebrate the success of Affiliate Summit West 2013 (#asw13) and their sold out conference with over 5000 attendees, we’re having a promotion this week, where you can win a fully paid account of TypoAssassin for 1 month. We’ve run some scans of affiliate offers that are present at the conference, and we’ve...

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  • How 18,000 Fake Pharmacies Get Traffic

    Pharmaceutical companies spend $19 billion a year on advertising, according to this wikipedia article on the pharma industry. That creates a lot of brand awareness in the minds of consumers who are convinced they are depressed, anxious, or maybe need to get it up more often. So if you’re a budding illegal online pharmacy,...

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  • Clueless Affiliate Managers Bleeding Profits to Typo Domainers

    Just how easy is it for typo domainers to prey on your affiliate program? Well, if your affiliate manager knows what he’s doing and has tools to monitor their domain for typo squatters, then it shouldn’t be that easy. But here’s the problem – most companies have NO CLUE that this is even going on....

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