• Chinese Affiliate Caught Cheating on Ashley Madison with Naked Link

    Dating is a tricky business. Especially when you want to have an affair. One dating site that suggests you have an affair is Ashley Madison. But unfortunately for Ashley, she’s getting cheated on herself… by some of her affiliates. You see, we’ve detected over 245 typo domains of AshleyMadison.com –...

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  • Revealed: Tiny Trick That Typo Domain Affiliates Use to Scam Hosting Companies

    The hosting industry is infested with typo domain affiliates. We plan to dig deeper into this niche soon, and in the meantime here’s a good example of a victim hosting company that probably pays huge commissions every month to affiliates who have registered miss-spellings of their brand. Before we even start, take...

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  • How Aapple (cough) Apple loses cash to typo domainers

    WARNING: If you are any of the following, this video may get you very pssed off (yes that’s a typo): An Apple (AAPL) shareholder An Amazon shareholder An Amazon associate (there’s reported to be over 700,00 of them) Imagine this happening: A potential Apple customer is looking to buy some Apple stuff –...

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  • How we caught affiliates cheating FullMovies.com on Clickbank

    Jason aims, fires, and snipes a few bad affiliates who are clearly cheating this merchant out of their profits – he even catches one using a “hidden” hoplink via and owned typo domain name with a frameset. This is hugely profitable for the affiliates, as according to the Fullmovies.com affiliate page here,...

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  • sexy domain busted out

    AnastasiaDate.com Typo Domain Affiliates Busted

    Do Dating Affiliates Cheat? According to Juniper Research, the online dating industry will be worth almost $1.4 billion by 2013. So it’s only natural that in such a lucrative niche, there will be affiliates cheating on their partners… and I mean the merchant partner. One of the top online dating sites is AnastasiaDate.com,...

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  • Typo Domainers Profit from Hurricane Sandy

    Large scale natural disasters can bring horrible tragedy, property loss, and stress for millions of people. They also create high volume traffic on the internet as people search for news and updates to the event. With traffic comes profits as well. By routing typo domain traffic to certain sites that show ads, typo domainers...

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