If you haven’t heard about Bitcoins yet you will soon enough. This new digital currency is taking off as the US government looks at it more closely while Chinese investors go gaga over it.

Just look at the Alexa ranking for bitcoin.com – it has grown in traffic so much in the last period that it has moved up in rank from 3,973,492 to just 110,941! Here’s a link to Bitcoin’s Alexa ranking and site details.

So with all the hype and curiosity, there is bound to be a lot of people typing bitcoin into their browsers. So of course the typo domainers are trying to scoop the traffic, by registering variations of bitcoin.com.

We did a scan for bitcoin.com and came across 73 typo domains already recently registered. Here’s a snapshot of just a few, from the TypoAssassin report:

wtf is going on with bitcoin?

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“According to Mt. Gox Bitcoin hit a high of $900 in the past few hours, something that even the frothiest of supporters will agree is ludicrous. This is a..”

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