Jordan Reid is a popular blogger and founder of Ramshackle Glam.

Last week her domain name was transferred by an online hacker from her HostMonster domain account to the domain squatters Godaddy account without her authorization.

Unfortunately Godaddy and her domain host HostMonster would not help in the effort to save her business and reclaim her domain name. Even though the two companies could have easily and legally helped her they hid behind their legal jargon and refused to get involved.

Luckily for her the FBI jumped in to help and she was lucky enough to find out that the hacker who stole her domain name had posted her site for sale on

So what did she do? She decided to go get her domain back by offering to buy the site on under her friends alias. 

Luckily for Jordan she was able to get her domain and business back without having to pay for it, however she had to spend a lot of time needed quite a bit of luck in the process.

You can read Jordan’s own account of what happened here.

Jordan is still angry with Godaddy and HostMonster for not helping her and realizes that the industry is not built to protect its users.

Keep in mind this could easily happen to you so make sure you protect yourself from typosquatters.