• Rosalind Gardner Peter Koning Affiliate Summit

    Affiliate Marketing Queen Realizes Threat of Typo Domains

    It’s interesting how people change their mind about typo domaining, once they actually start to think about it. I recently met personally with Rosalind Gardner, the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, and at first she had a certain opinion about typo domain affiliates – and it was a commonly held belief....

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  • john chow should pray for the ending of typo domainers

    How John Chow is Losing Money Online

    John Chow is know as one of the top “make money online” bloggers, who used to get links to his site by having contests and prizes. Now John has moved to the next level of internet marketing – from blogger/affiliate to celebrity IM guru with his own products. With all this notoriety, John has also

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  • typoassassin affiliate program

    Make Money Catching Typo Domainers

    Our new TypoAssassin affiliate program has launched. Now you can make money by helping smart brand owners catch typo domainers, by referring them to TypoAssassin. Our stick rate is awesome (watch the video) and our new “dynamic” sales page is better than ever. Sign up today and join our growing affiliate team.

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  • security camera preventing crime

    14 Affiliate Program Fraud Detection Tools… and more

    A recent post re affiliate fraud detection in the CPA space by Murray Newlands on his new site (great site btw!) spurred us on to write this post, as it seems there isn’t a good central resource listing all the fraud tools out there. Affiliate fraud is big business – so preventing affiliate fraud is

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  • Typosquatters still Plague Twitter and Wikipedia

    Early 2012 Mashable came out with an article about two typosquatted sites (wikapedia and twtter) that where shut down by Wikipedia and Twitter. Typosquatters still plague Twitter and Wikipedia and will continue to target big online brands until more action is taken to stop them for good. The typosquatters (wikapedia and...

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  • Inside Look at Typo Assassin

    Are typosquatters destroying your brand? Then take an inside look at Typo Assassin and how it can easily save you time, money and the stress of having to find affiliate typo squatting your domains. In the video you will see how easy it is to: Search top level domains for typos of your brand –

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  • Lance Was Cheated On… And Still Is

    He finally admitted it. Lance Armstrong finally confessed that he cheated. Well here’s a news flash for Lance – you’ve been cheated on. And it’s still going on today. That’s right Lance, your Livestrong Fitness affiliate program here, which is running on 5 different networks is getting cheated...

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  • Commission Junction Typo Domain Affiliates for Caterpillar

    Over the past couple of weeks I have searched through dozens of Commission Junction affiliate programs searching for typo domain affiliates. It wasn’t a surprise to me that I found typo domain affiliate the surprise was how many there were. Two Thirds of all CJ Advertiser campaigns have typo domain affiliates redirecting...

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  • How we caught affiliates cheating FullMovies.com on Clickbank

    Jason aims, fires, and snipes a few bad affiliates who are clearly cheating this merchant out of their profits – he even catches one using a “hidden” hoplink via and owned typo domain name with a frameset. This is hugely profitable for the affiliates, as according to the Fullmovies.com affiliate page here,...

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  • 4 Ways Typo Domain Affiliates are Tricking You

    Typosquatters are smart, sneaky and have creative ways to prevent an advertiser from catching them steal affiliate commissions. Below are 4 different methods Typo Affiliates use to generate affiliate commissions from popular advertiser brands. 1. The Simple Redirect The most basic redirect is a simple domain forward directly...

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