• Weird Name for Typo Domain Squatter

    I found this article quite funny, about a UDRP case involving a typo domain squatter with a funny name. It seems a bit weird at first but when you read his name out loud you’ll get a laugh. Here’s the article from our friends over at Domain Name Wire: http://domainnamewire.com/2014/05/30/funniest-udrp-ever/

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  • Rosalind Gardner Peter Koning Affiliate Summit

    Affiliate Marketing Queen Realizes Threat of Typo Domains

    It’s interesting how people change their mind about typo domaining, once they actually start to think about it. I recently met personally with Rosalind Gardner, the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, and at first she had a certain opinion about typo domain affiliates – and it was a commonly held belief....

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  • brand verity brandverity barndverity brandverty typos rule lol

    BrandVerity Exposes Phony Merchant Site – Cloned With Screenshot

    It’s pretty easy to clone a merchant site – you don’t need to copy all the files. Just take a screenshot and upload it as a “one page” website. In an excellent post, the team at BrandVerity shows just how close a “screenshot clone” site can look like the original merchant site....

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  • How we caught affiliates cheating FullMovies.com on Clickbank

    Jason aims, fires, and snipes a few bad affiliates who are clearly cheating this merchant out of their profits – he even catches one using a “hidden” hoplink via and owned typo domain name with a frameset. This is hugely profitable for the affiliates, as according to the Fullmovies.com affiliate page here,...

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