• Rosalind Gardner Peter Koning Affiliate Summit

    Affiliate Marketing Queen Realizes Threat of Typo Domains

    It’s interesting how people change their mind about typo domaining, once they actually start to think about it. I recently met personally with Rosalind Gardner, the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, and at first she had a certain opinion about typo domain affiliates – and it was a commonly held belief....

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  • Are there Hosting Companies Without Typo Domain Affiliates?

    As we posted recently, the hosting industry is a victim of typo domain affiliates – mainly due to the high traffic and high paying commissions that this industry provides. We’d like to reward hosting companies that recognize this problem AND are doing something about it. So we’re going to list hosting...

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  • Is the Hosting Industry Infested with Typo Domain Affiliates?

    Hosting affiliate programs are pretty sweet as they tend to convert well, once someone has decided on the hosting they want, and the payouts can be significant. In addition, due to the commodity aspect of the industry, most hosting companies can be desperate for new clients so they are happy when one signs up… no...

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  • Revealed: Tiny Trick That Typo Domain Affiliates Use to Scam Hosting Companies

    The hosting industry is infested with typo domain affiliates. We plan to dig deeper into this niche soon, and in the meantime here’s a good example of a victim hosting company that probably pays huge commissions every month to affiliates who have registered miss-spellings of their brand. Before we even start, take...

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