• gtld typo domain threat get jiggy with it

    Top Media Company Issues Cybersquatter Threat Warning re New GTld Onslaught

    Thomson Reuters issued a dire warning re GTLD’s and Threat of Cybersquatters. The 60,000 employee company is warning brand owners to start monitoring their brands now, before the impact of all the new GTLD’s is upon us. The Internet namespace is about to increase and the opportunity for squatting on brand names...

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  • nasa or nsa hacked

    Hackers Can’t Spell – Just ask the NSA or was it NASA?

    Even hackers make typo mistakes, as Slate Magazine discusses the recent hacking of the NASA website. Did they type “NASA” when really intending to type “NSA”? This is a scary proposition as hackers could make even more serious errors such as typing an extra “0” when transferring money...

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  • evil typo domain devil affiliate

    Why Typo Domains Aren’t Dangerous – Except to the Merchant

    If you think that typo domains are associated with malware or phishing schemes, think again. According to Jonathan Spring, it’s more profitable to make money with typo domains instead of tricking or infecting visitors. My hypothesis for the real reason is that the typo domains are not worth compromising, while compromise...

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  • typo domainers rob merchants

    OptimizePress and James Dyson Scammed by Typo Domain Affiliates

    A well known internet marketer with a great product is starting a big launch – sound familiar? Well it happens all the time and many of these marketers have $million paydays with their launches. Often it’s due to their JV/Affiliate program where they have affiliates that drive them a lot of their traffic…...

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  • Typo Domain Shenanigans

    Bad News About Your Brand (+Survey)

    If you don’t own or plan to ever own a domain, product, company, or anything else that you could say is a brand, then this article isn’t for you. Otherwise, read on as there’s some seriously sneaky shenanigans going on related to your brand’s traffic, and it’s just getting worse. And I have...

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  • Prevent Online Fraud with Affiliate Program Fraud Detection

    Do You Really Want Fraud in Your Affiliate Program? Online fraud is described as any online activity that intends to deceive a user resulting in financial or personal gain. It is downright abusive as well as unethical behavior and for any website or blog owner, affiliate fraud can cost massive complications and even cost...

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  • security camera preventing crime

    14 Affiliate Program Fraud Detection Tools… and more

    A recent post re affiliate fraud detection in the CPA space by Murray Newlands on his new site (great site btw!) spurred us on to write this post, as it seems there isn’t a good central resource listing all the fraud tools out there. Affiliate fraud is big business – so preventing affiliate fraud is

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  • Crimes Related to Typosquatting to Increase Dramatically

    The new roll out of gTLDs (General Top Level Domains) is only a few weeks away and this will cause crimes related to typosquatting to increase dramatically. What are gTLDs? If you’re not familiar with the new gTLDs that will be released soon, last year, ICANN accepted 1,917 applications from companies, individuals and...

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  • Orbitz’ Bad Domain Trip – Citizenhawk UDRP Fail

    Brands that have affiliate programs are huge targets for typo domain affiliate thieves. One of these brands is the travel site Orbitz.com… but read on to discover how the Citizenhawk UDRP process failed them. It appears that to prevent theft of commissions due to typo domain traffic skimming, they have hired a company,...

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  • typo assassin note feature rocking the set

    Powerful New Notes Feature

    We just added a cool new feature to Typo Assassin – and it’s included in every account at no extra charge: Our Domain Note Feature. We recognize that not all typo domains are to be treated the same. There are different categories of typo domains such as: International or Similar but non-competing Variations...

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