• How to get a free Typo Assassin account (limited)

    Want a free Typo Assassin account for life? Here’s the deal – we’re looking for customers who want to help us spread the word about Typo Assassin. So to get a free account (worth $7/month), we have a special limited time promotion offer. All you need to do is this: Read all the items below

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  • Are there Hosting Companies Without Typo Domain Affiliates?

    As we posted recently, the hosting industry is a victim of typo domain affiliates – mainly due to the high traffic and high paying commissions that this industry provides. We’d like to reward hosting companies that recognize this problem AND are doing something about it. So we’re going to list hosting...

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  • nike or haik or naik?

    Moving To a New Brand? Check the Neighbourhood first!

    If you’re starting a brand, check around the “sidestreets” of the domain first. Today I read a great post by domain expert Morgan Linton, where he talked about selecting a brand name and how the domain name availability is critical to this process. In the post, he points out that with the .com space so...

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  • Revealed: Tiny Trick That Typo Domain Affiliates Use to Scam Hosting Companies

    The hosting industry is infested with typo domain affiliates. We plan to dig deeper into this niche soon, and in the meantime here’s a good example of a victim hosting company that probably pays huge commissions every month to affiliates who have registered miss-spellings of their brand. Before we even start, take...

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  • How Aapple (cough) Apple loses cash to typo domainers

    WARNING: If you are any of the following, this video may get you very pssed off (yes that’s a typo): An Apple (AAPL) shareholder An Amazon shareholder An Amazon associate (there’s reported to be over 700,00 of them) Imagine this happening: A potential Apple customer is looking to buy some Apple stuff –...

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  • 4 Ways Typo Domain Affiliates are Tricking You

    Typosquatters are smart, sneaky and have creative ways to prevent an advertiser from catching them steal affiliate commissions. Below are 4 different methods Typo Affiliates use to generate affiliate commissions from popular advertiser brands. 1. The Simple Redirect The most basic redirect is a simple domain forward directly...

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