Dating is a tricky business. Especially when you want to have an affair.

One dating site that suggests you have an affair is Ashley Madison. But unfortunately for Ashley, she’s getting cheated on herself… by some of her affiliates.

how ashley madison affiliates fraud this dating company

You see, we’ve detected over 245 typo domains of – that’s one hottie of a dating site who’s pretty popular. Most of the typo domains we’ve found are owned by the company themselves, and it was probably a pretty expensive and lengthy process to recover those domains.

We’ve even uncovered these official legal domain UDRP documents that outline just what a hassle they’ve been through to recover the domains.

But it’s not enough, as those eager typo domain affiliates are chasing Ashley like she’s a dog in heat. In fact, Ashley is actually paying these affiliates to shaft her… every month.

With Ashley would have herself some better protection, from these unsafe practices.

This video busts one of her affiliates -caught with a typo domain and naked link in fact! Check it out.