Just how easy is it for typo domainers to prey on your affiliate program?

Well, if your affiliate manager knows what he’s doing and has tools to monitor their domain for typo squatters, then it shouldn’t be that easy.

But here’s the problem – most companies have NO CLUE that this is even going on. And even if they do, they need to recognize that it’s a huge profit leak for their business and that it’s their affiliate managers who can prevent this from happening.

Want proof?

Just look at this dating company – MillionaireMate.com – which is part of the Friend Finder network (according to them the largest affiliate program on the internet) and claims to be the #1 paying dating affiliate program for 10 years in a row.

Their affiliate program looks pretty sweet, too.

Too bad their affiliate managers are clueless and just care about traffic and not offending adwords. It took us just seconds to see that MillionaireMate.com is suffering from typo domain affiliates – affiliates who simply buy cheap domains that are miss-spellings of their brand, and send them traffic that they have intercepted, and make commissions form them – for doing basically nothing.

Using Typo Assassin, we found 17 typo domains of MillionaireMate.com in just seconds… and some of them are affiliates of theirs.

Nice work, if you can get it. But you can! It’s so easy.

Just look at this chat we had with one of their eager affiliate managers. We basically told them exactly what we plan to do, and other than a lame request to read the Terms and Conditions, he had no clue that we were poised to rob them of commissions.

Here’s the chat, and we warn you…. it’s not pretty.


So what do we recommend?

  1. If you’re running an affiliate program you should check that you don’t have this problem yourself, so sign up for Typo Assassin today
  2. Sit down with your ENTIRE marketing team and get them up to speed on this issue. Have them look at all our case studies of typo domain theft.
  3. Reward your affiliate managers for catching this kind of fraud – don’t punish them for it.
  4. Stay on top of typo domain affiliates with regular scans from Typo Assassin.