Typo Domainers try to capitalize on other TLDs besides .com however they don’t find it nearly as profitable.

A great example of the percentages comes from the Domaing Investing article linked below.

As you can see from their article typo domainers who buy .co domains of high traffic .com domains generally pull less than a quarter of a percent of traffic of the high volume .com.

That said the article is based off of legal typo domaining of generic words and not of brand names which is illegal. I would be curious to see what the percentage of traffic comes to the .co domain of top web brands.

Buying .CO Domains for Typo Traffic | DomainInvesting.com

As one would expect, there are many people who are buying .CO domain names with the hopes of capitalizing on typo traffic. These people are looking through Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, and other various traffic estimation