The new roll out of gTLDs (General Top Level Domains) is only a few weeks away and this will cause crimes related to typosquatting to increase dramatically.

What are gTLDs?

ICANNIf you’re not familiar with the new gTLDs that will be released soon, last year, ICANN accepted 1,917 applications from companies, individuals and countries to create new Generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs. A top level domain name is a domain name that ends in .com, .net, .biz, .org and so on. The gTLDs will be domain names approved by ICANN such as .buzz, .baby, .nfl, .radio and the list goes on and on.

Of those application that were accepted 754 of them are on their way to being approved and implemented within the month as valid domain extensions. Granted there are some restrictions in purchasing gTLDs there will still be a huge opportunity for some series typosquatting.

How will gTLDs increase typosquatting?

Currently there are only a handful of domain extensions so adding the new gTLDs will increase the website domains available by six thousand percent. Yikes!

In an era where we already have billions of dollars in cybercrimes related to typosquatting this is going to open the door to a lot more issues involved in protecting your brand.

There have been a lot of arguments against the proposed integration of the new gTLDs however it is to late the new domains extensions are going to become a reality and soon.

More difficult to protect your brand from typosquatters

Another major issue that brands could run into that will increase their yearly domain budget is the use of defensive domaining. This is the practice of buying typo domains of your company’s brand to protect it from typosquatters. With the domain expansion this will cause a major increase in the number of domain names that companies need to buy to keep their brand safe from being typosquatted.

A final note is the cost of the gTLDs are going to cost a lot more than the typical TLDs so those costs incurred in  defensive domaining will make it impossible for many business to maintain.

Here is a complete list of the new gTLDs

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