Did you see the hot Calvin Klein ad during the Superbowl? Well the web traffic would have been pretty juicy for some of the typo domainers profiting from all that hot traffic. More about that in a minute.

First, here’s the video:


Ok now that the video is out of the way, let’s look a little more closely at who is making some extra cash from the bulge in traffic since that ad aired.

Of course, Calvin Klein is making sales and getting it’s brand out there, but there’s also an underbelly of people who are leeching off this expensive branding campaign, and the CK brand in general.

We ran a search on calvinklein.com and found 30 typos of the brand have been registered. Some are legit, but most are cybersquatters making a few $ a day from CK miss-spellings that click on ads. Now from what we can tell, it doesn’t appear that Calvin Klein has an affiliate program, although at one time cku.com (Calvin Klein underwear) did have one on the Pepperjam network. It’s not there now.

So at the moment, CK isn’t losing commissions to typo domain affiliates, but if they started an affiliate program then surely some of the cybersquatters would sign up in order to earn more from domains like calvnklein.com and calvinkein.com.. and over 20 more.

But we DID find one sneaky site that is actually even worse than a typo domain affiliate – it’s a knockoff site that’s selling CK underwear to Spanish customers.

5 Euros for some undies… nice!

This is really bad for CK because they are losing complete sales to this knockoff company – and that’s more costly than paying a % of sales to a bad affiliate.

Here’s a screenshot of the site. The domain is a typo of calvinklein.com, and that’s is probably how they get most of their traffic.


These scammers are surely happy that CK spent so much money on that ad, and that excited men and women are hitting the wrong keys and arriving at their counterfeit store. Ck should use TypoAssassin, because then they’d be alerted to this going on and would have more information to be able to shut them down.