Over the past couple of weeks I have searched through dozens of Commission Junction affiliate programs searching for typo domain affiliates. It wasn’t a surprise to me that I found typo domain affiliate the surprise was how many there were.

Two Thirds of all CJ Advertiser campaigns have typo domain affiliates redirecting traffic back to their site with an affiliate link. I would hate to guess how much in commission is being processed per month from typo domains, it could definitely be thousands of dollars a month for some advertisers.

To help Commission Junction advertisers discover unwanted typo domain affiliates I put together a 5 minute video on finding even the stealthiest of typo affiliates using Typo Assassin. Typo affiliates go to great lengths to hide their Commission Junction affiliate links, burying them behind multiple redirects. You will notice an affiliate in the video trying to hide their affiliate link by using multiple meta redirects and domain names. However Typo Assassin finds their CJ link rather easily. 

If an affiliate goes to such lengths to hide their source of traffic from an advertiser while skimming commissions from the typo of the advertiser brand name then advertiser need to have the ability to protect themselves. Typo Assassin is a simple, easy to use platform for advertiser to help find these affiliates and stop them.