A recent article by Forbes Magazine highlights the fraud that goes on in affiliate programs – particularly with cookie-stuffing adware that millions of computers are infected with.

The clueless computer owner often installs these browser and search toolbar plugins for some benefit such as “smileys” or other incentives, not realizing that the benefit for the toolbar developer is that they earn money in “Stolen” affiliate commissions.

What the article also points out, and this is a big concern of ours as well, is that affiliate managers often overlook this traffic due to the fact that they earn a % from the affiliate commissions – good or bad.

We commented on this article and feel free to add to the discussion – do you agree that affiliate managers are part of the problem, or can only their bosses be blamed for setting up the compensation system in such a way that it approves of affiliate fraud?

Here’s the article re affiliate fraud and our comments re affiliate managers and typo domain affiliate commission theft.