It’s in the news. Your cab driver is buying them. Even your grandma is asking about Bitcoin. 

The crypto currency mania is starting to pick up speed, and everyone is not just storing their coins on wallets but also exchanges.

The value of Bitcoin is up 300% in 2017 already. So what does this mean for scammers? They love it – easy pickings from fat fingered currency exchange members who can’t type addresses like bitfinex or bittrex.

The scammers register common misspellings of these exchanges and sit waiting for their prey to arrive – redirecting them to a phishing landing page that captures the login info of the unsuspecting bad speller and coin holder.

All that’s left is an empty account and these scammers are good at cleaning you out faster than it takes to empty a bank vault filled with gold. All your digital money is gone in under 6 minutes!

Here’s a site that explains it further, and actually intercepts some of these victims before it’s too late. We suggest donating to this “white hat” hacker who is doing their part to prevent the fraud from happening.