A few months ago, Mike Wen, the affiliate manager of DinoDirect, noticed some typos of dinodirect.com registered against their brand. Read on to discover what he did.

As one of the world’s leading cross-border online store with millions of active customers from more than 200 countries, the DinoDirect brand is rapidly being recognized in the consumer market.

And it has the DinoDirect affiliate program on several networks.

But the problem is that having a growing brand, and having an affiliate program, made DinoDirect a target for typo domain affiliate thieves. We reached out to Mike and his team and after using the TypoAssassin typo domain scanning tool, they discovered several typo domain affiliates were active on several of the networks where their affiliate program was managed.

Using the trace tool, they were able to identify the bad affiliates, and shut them out of the program, thus saving them money and protecting their brand.

Now with the “Alert” feature, they are further protected in case future affiliates get the “bright idea” that they can also steal from DinoDirect.

Mike is also using the Note feature, to keep track of the status of each typo domain we find for DinoDirect:

“It’s very helpful when you have dozens of squatters to examine at the same time”

Another added benefit of using TypoAssassin is that it clarifies your affiliate program policy. It became clear to Mike that not all affiliates understood that typo domaining is actually illegal. Mike mentioned to us:

“We have made it clear to our affiliates that typo squatting is not acceptable and have received some feedback. To my surprise, there’s still a number of affiliates that don’t know about typo squatting.”

We welcome DinoDirect to the TypoAssassin customer team and look forward to seeing their profits grow and more affiliates join them, knowing that they care about their affiliate program. We hope that more affiliate managers see the value in protecting their brands, and that of their clients’ in the case of outsourced affiliate managers.

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