I’ll keep this short. It’s pretty obvious, if you’ve been reading our typo domain case studies – the affiliate buys a typo domain that is VERY close to the main brand, redirects the domain to the brand through their affiliate link, and sits back as the cash rolls in through fat commissions.

In the case of James Dyson, and OptimizePresss (oops a typo!) here is what the output from our tool shows as of July 2013:


Looks like there’s some typo domain affiliates already infesting his brand BEFORE the launch.

Btw now it’s 3 months later, and we find there are even more, 12 as of October 24 2013, and they’ve set up even more affiliate redirects as we can see more of them are resolving to his site. This is a common problem, as once a merchant gets a few typo domain affiliates, and does nothing about it, then more typo domains will get registered by either the same affiliates or new ones.

Recently one of our customers went from 8 typo domains to over 30 within 6 months, but luckily our alert feature has been keeping them aware of the bad affiliates and they can simply not pay them.

Anyway back to the case study.

As you can see from the redirect trace below, the affiliate who owns optimizepresss.com is using a sneaky iframe trick to stuff his cookie into the visitor’s browser, and earns the commission on anyone who buys James’ product:


We could go on further, as we have proof that shows who this affiliate is, their facebook account, their company, and their address. But we’ve shown enough carnage for one post 🙂

What we recommend to all marketers is that they get an account at http://www.typoassassin.com and especially before a launch they should run a scan on their domain. They will get alerts from our tools as new typo domains pop up. Then it’s simply a matter of saving all the legal costs and hassles … and stolen commisions, as all you need to do is stop paying the bad affiliates.

Case closed.

PS Note to James: if you want an account with TypoAssassin we’ll personally give you one for free, so you can stop the bleeding today.