John Chow is know as one of the top “make money online” bloggers, who used to get links to his site by having contests and prizes. Now John has moved to the next level of internet marketing – from blogger/affiliate to celebrity IM guru with his own products.

With all this notoriety, John has also attracted some shady affiliates. One of them is a top Clickbank affiliate who leeches traffic from many Clickbank vendors using typo domains (miss-spelled domains that visitors type by accident). Does this affiliate sell anything?

Heck no – he lets John do all the work and in return John pays out a commission to the affiliate for sending him a customer.

Here’s a screenshot of a couple typo domains that are active as of October 2, 2013 – this is one Clickbank affiliate that is earning high EPC’s from John, just by registering a couple domains.

john chow not making but losing money online

We asked John about this a few months ago and he said he really didn’t care, as it’s not a big deal to him. I guess he’s making a ton of money.

But the bottom line, is that he IS losing money this way. Maybe it’s not a big problem now, but we’ve seen merchants start with under 10 typo domainers leeching from them to over 30 typo domains in under 6 months.

If you want to nip this scheme in the bud, you can hire lawyers and file UDRP’s etc. to get the domains, and register all kinds of variations yourself.

Or.. .you can get a TypoAssassin account and let us do the work for you so all you need to do is stop paying the affiliate. Case closed. RIP Typo Domain Affiliates.