A well known internet marketer with a great product is starting a big launch – sound familiar? Well it happens all the time and many of these marketers have $million paydays with their launches. Often it’s due to their JV/Affiliate program where they have affiliates that drive them a lot of their traffic… and subsequent sales.

The problem is that as many marketers have well known names and product brands, they are ripe for getting scammed by typo domain affiliates. Often these affiliates are other marketers in the community and may even be Facebook friends with the product owners.

Well guess what?

We found one today. It’s James Dyson and his WordPress theme OptimizePress.

And it wasn’t hard, using TypoAssassin – the tool that product owners love to use to catch these sneaky “partners” in the act of making fraudulent commissions.

Want to know more?

Here’s the case study concerning a top marketer and a product that is just launching now, at the time this post was being written.

UPDATE OCT 2013 – This post was not published in July 2013 during the launch, as we wanted to see how long the scammers would continue and didn’t want to upset James Dyson’s launch for legitimate customers searching for his product. He has since launched … but the rampant stealing continues so we are now publishing this post as of October 2013 as we just can’t stand to see him lose any more commissions to these scammers.

Optimizepress jv page

To read the case study with all the juicy details, it’s free – all you need to do is spread the word so that other marketers and affiliates are aware of this scheme, for their own protection.

Here’s how to spread the word:

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  2. you’ll be taken to the page where we go into great detail on how the scheme works, and how you can protect yourself from these scammers