Jason aims, fires, and snipes a few bad affiliates who are clearly cheating this merchant out of their profits – he even catches one using a “hidden” hoplink via and owned typo domain name with a frameset.

This is hugely profitable for the affiliates, as according to the Fullmovies.com affiliate page here, they offer a generous 75% of all sales and not only that, there’s a bonus payout scheme juicy commissions to rip off from fullmovies.com sweetif you hit certain tiered levels, so these affiliates have FullMovies.com in the crosshairs…

Fullmovies.com getting scammed - and bonuses too

But now we’re turning the tables and loading up the big guns… Here’s the video proof:

If this merchant had a full member account with Typo Assassin, they’d be able to easily recover those lost commissions, by rightfully “stealing them back” from the scammers.

Get a bigger gun today, get Typo Assassin and take back what’s yours.

Nail those affiliate typo domainers with a big gun