This recent article in the Huffington Post mentioned a frightening statistic: almost 1/5th of a brand’s Typo Domains redirect back to the original domain, with the largest portion of the remainder (32%) typically parked.

From the article, this is interesting:

“The data showed that only 19 percent of the domain names resolved to the target content, which means the marketplace is full of bad actors trying to fool consumers.”

From what we’ve encountered, this 19% is comprised of 2 groups: brand owners and non brand-owners.

The brand owners buy up typo variations of their own brand as a protective measure. This gets expensive when you have a long domain name with 100’s of variations costing thousands per year.

The non brand-owners are typically affiliates of exactly that same brand – sending the unsuspecting bad typers to the brand that they wanted in the first place, but using affiliate links to earn easy money in stolen commissions from the brand owner. This sort of scheme can’t be stopped unless you bought every imaginable variation, including phonetic typos… or you had a brand protection tool such as

So be wary of typo domains that direct the brand owner… it often indicates a thieving affiliate is at work.

Read on for more details, from the Huffington Post’s article here: