He finally admitted it. Lance Armstrong finally confessed that he cheated.

Well here’s a news flash for Lance – you’ve been cheated on. And it’s still going on today.

Lance Armstrong Affiliate ProgramThat’s right Lance, your Livestrong Fitness affiliate program here, which is running on 5 different networks is getting cheated on.

By whom? Well we won’t wait years to tell you Lance.

But just in case you do plan to sell some more of those treadmills Lance, here’s a little hint. It has to do with typo domains and affiliates.

There’s a few typo domains of livestrongfitness.com out there – probably more to come. And at least 40% of them are registered by affiliates who are pedaling their way to riches all off your name.

Whenever someone wants to buy a treadmill from you, and miss-spell livestrongfitness.com, and one of those dopey typo affiliates intercepts it, they get a juicy 8% – that’s $80 for a $1.50 domain and not much else added value.

Nice income for a cheater.

And then there’s the “parked” typo domains. All timebombs waiting to go off and turn into more affiliate links one day.

Here’s a screenshot of what we found, Lance. We blurred out the big offenders, just in case there’s an inquiry 🙂

How typo domain affiliates cheat on Lance Armstrong and Livestrong

So Lance, I suggest you get some of your team, whoever is left, to look into this.

And anyone else selling stuff through affiliate programs should do the same – get a Typo Assassin account. Last time I checked we were in beta so get in now and lock in your membership, before we get on our bikes and ride off with our happy customers into the sunset.