Your free account only shows a limited number of typo domains for your root domain. We hope that you have already seen the value in using this tool, and are ready to get even more value with a paid account.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Typo Assassin Account

  1. Full visibility of ALL your typo domains. Immediately save on any payable commissions to ALL typo affiliate thieves – recover any fraudulent commissions before your next payout
  2. Rest easy knowing you are not paying affiliates who have stolen your own traffic and handed it back to you through their affiliate link
  3. Save thousands in UDRP/Legal fees which you no longer need to pay, as these domains are worthless to you anyway …now that you have TypoAssassin looking out for you every month
  4. Save on ALL future commissions that typo domain affiliates would have stolen from you
  5. Show your honest affiliates you mean business, and that you are paying them the highest commissions possible by not having to lower them due to your losses with the fraudsters
  6. Catch “clever” affiliates who switch parked or expired domains through a new affiliate link – before their next payout

Unlimited Scanning

As we have significant development and ongoing costs for our domain spider engine, we price our membership in terms of unique domains you want to scan each month. If it’s just one domain you order, then go crazy and scan it each day if you like. You’ll get to see ALL the typo domains that are out there, for each unique domain you have paid for.

Most members scan once per month and we recommend you at least scan a couple times before the next affiliate payout deadline – and avoid paying commissions to the bad affiliates. You will also receive a monthly alert in case something changes, so you don’t even need to login each month.

Pricing Options

As for pricing there are 2 tiers:

  • Enforcer Plan: Just $27/month* for UNLIMITED scans of one domain per month, for small businesses or consultants wanting to monitor a handful of low volume businesses. Unlimited repeat scans of the same domain, so you can even monitor daily if needed.
  • Executioner Plan: Just $97/month* for UNLIMITED scans of 10 domains per month (savings of 65% per domain). Unlimited repeat scans of the same domains.
  • Terminator Plan: For even higher volume scans please contact us and we’ll prepare a custom quote

*Note that this is Early Launch Pricing and may increase at any time. All members who sign up to a current pricing plan will NEVER pay more for that plan. Premium features and other plans we may introduce in the future may cost extra.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that affiliate programs, brands, businesses, may come and go or change ownership, so don’t feel that you are locked in to our plans. You can change plan type at any time and you can also cancel at any time. If you cancel, no further payments will be necessary and we will revert your account to a FREE plan immediately.

Your Guarantee

Typo Assassin No Hassle Risk Free Guarantee

But Wait… Here’s Another Guarantee

We are pretty sure we have all the possible typo domain scenarios, including some that you’d never imagine… but there’s always a chance that we missed some weird typo combination that we haven’t thought of yet. So if you find a typo domain that we didn’t catch and you have proof that one of your affiliates is using it to steal commissions, send us the domain so we can update our engine AND we’ll give you one month free service.

Order the Enforcer Plan (Locked in Beta Pricing)

Order the Executioner Plan (Locked in Beta Pricing)

Once you order, your account will be instantly created and you will have full access to TypoAssassin – you’ll get to see ALL the typo domains that we have uncovered for you, for each unique domain you have paid for.

P.S. Remember this is Beta Pricing for charter members. You’ll never pay more for your account if you order now.