Pinterest goes after a typo squatter and wins 7.9 million dollars and will be given over 100 typo domains related to the popular Pinterest domain name.

A court ruled against Qian Jin a Chinese typo squatter who purchased over a hundred typo domains of the massive social network and used those domains to profit from people typing into their browsers incorrectly.

This isn’t the first time a major social network has won a major judgment against a typo squatter, last May Facebook won 2.8 million in damages from typo squatters.

Big brands understand how important their brand is and want to protect it against all typosquatters. You will see an increase in lawsuits against typosquatters in the months and years to come as more companies large and small start to address the typo domaining issue to preserve the equity in their brand.

One example is the Facebook domain lawsuit we blogged about earlier – here.

Learn more about the Pinterest lawsuit.