We just added a cool new feature to Typo Assassin – and it’s included in every account at no extra charge: Our Domain Note Feature.

We recognize that not all typo domains are to be treated the same. There are different categories of typo domains such as:

  • International or Similar but non-competing Variations of your brand
  • Domains you already own, due to previous legal fights or preventative registration
  • Active Affiliates redirecting to your site and stealing commissions
  • Newly registered domains that need to be monitored
  • Parked domains that need to be monitored
  • Competitors or Affiliates of competitors who are skimming traffic from you, and you have to take action
  • etc.

With the note feature, you can write a note on each typo domain that we detect and is in your report. Then you can also assign a color to the note, so it stands out from the other domains. See below for an example:

typo of cardstore.com - note

The color coding can be seen on a report for your brand – the default is black. Here’s an example for cardstore.com, which is currently suffering from Typo domain affiliates (and cyber squatters):

 typo assassin note feature rocking the set

As Typo Assassin is hosted, all our customers are getting this feature instantly. Try Typo Assassin today – sign up for the package that meets your typo domainer nuking needs here.