The hosting industry is infested with typo domain affiliates. We plan to dig deeper into this niche soon, and in the meantime here’s a good example of a victim hosting company that probably pays huge commissions every month to affiliates who have registered miss-spellings of their brand.

Before we even start, take a look at Siteground’s Affiliate Terms of Service – it’s pretty clear that they are aware of the problem of typo domain affiliates, as it says here:

siteground terms for affiliates - excerpt re trademark domain variations

Now why do you think they have that in the terms? It’s because they can then easily justify kicking out an affiliate who is caught using typo domaining to send them traffic they would have already gotten for free, without having to pay the affiliate any commissions.

But here’s the problem – most hosting companies either don’t realize this is actually going on (maybe their affiliate terms are just a copy/paste template they never truly enforce) or they are aware of it but think that the affiliates are clever and doing them a favour.

The bottom line is that typo domain affilaites HURT your bottom line. They add no value – imagine if that domain didn’t exist and you’ll realize that they are simply skimming traffic from you that you now have to pay for. It’s almost like you are being punished for having a recognized brand.

We’ve found proof that Siteground’s affiliate program is infested with typo domain affiliates.

hosting company affiliate program getting scammed every minute

Want to see us catch one? This short 5 min video reveals the trick they use to cheat Siteground of juicy commissions every minute that domain is out there sending traffic through the affiliate link. If they used Typo Assassin, they wouldn’t be paying these affiliates, and that way they would recover their profits, which are hard to find in the competitive low-margin hosting industry.