Large scale natural disasters can bring horrible tragedy, property loss, and stress for millions of people.

Hurricane Sandy photo (fake… just like traffic from typo domainers)

They also create high volume traffic on the internet as people search for news and updates to the event.

With traffic comes profits as well. By routing typo domain traffic to certain sites that show ads, typo domainers try to earn more in 1 year than the ~$9 they invested in the domain.

Based on a report from, Typo Domainers registered these 3 .com Typo Domains for “Hurricane Sandy” since October 27, 2012:

  • (missing letter)
  • (missing letter)
  • (clever phonetic typo)

Because hurricanes don’t typically have an affiliate program, in this case we don’t find any typo domain affiliates. The most these domainers will get is a few pennies per click by parking them on domain parking sites, which publish ads to parked domain owners.

Screenshot of Typo Assassin report for – we checked the .org, .net, .biz, and .info but didn’t see anything exciting

Someone named Andy already owned so he’s probably getting significant typo traffic, from the missing s.

It’s interesting that the original domain was registered in October 2002 – over 10 years ago. The current domain owner is using the domain to route traffic to his hurricane insurance risk management system, known as Weath Risk Solutions’ Hurlos.

Go figure – maybe there is real money to be made in the hurricane business 🙂

Now if he had an affiliate program, do you think those typo domainers would be signing up?

PS we ran a scan on and didn’t find any typo domains for it.